Michael Jackson Just Wanted To Get Some Sleep


A registered nurse for Michael Jackson has come forward about the entertainer’s medical condition and what she witnessed for herself.  The Associated Press, said that she mentions that he was suffering from intense insomnia.  According to the report, Cherilyn Lee is a registered nurse that specializes in nutritional counseling.  He wanted the drug, Diprivan, that would allow him to drop off to sleep immediately. Continue reading

President Amused by Ringtone During Speech

President Obama, with the First Lady by his side, was speaking at a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) event in the East Room at the White House when someone’s cell phone went off.

But, the disturbance wasn’t one that met with criticism and harsh looks, but rather an outburst of laughter.  Watch here to find out why:

Dishin’ Dirt on the ABFF

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…

Kiel Adrian Scott-Writer/ Director "The Roe Effect"
Kiel Adrian Scott-Writer/ Director "The Roe Effect"

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the ABFF in Miami.  While there I got a chance to go to the HBO sponsored short film competition and let me tell ya…there were some AWESOME films in the competition.  My personal favorite (and the winner) was The Roe Effect, written by Kiel Adrian Scott.  This particular film was so DEEP and so HEAVY that I didn’t know whether to clap or cry.  The young man who created the film is a BRILLIANT filmmaker and I see him doing BIG things in the industry. Continue reading

2-Year Old Boy Smokes Pack A Day

Liang Liang
Liang Liang

These Chinese people need to be kicked up the ass if this is a part of their “ancient Chinese secret hon.”  There’s nothing cute about giving your child cigarettes to smoke at 1-year old to take away the pain.

The child,  Liangliang of Tianjin, China, was suffering from a hernia and was given cigarettes for the pain.  The child has gotten up to a pack a day and Continue reading

Detroit City Council Loses Burden

Monica Conyers in a tiff with Kenny Cockrel during a meeting.
Monica Conyers in a tiff with Kenny Cockrel during a meeting.

Monica Conyers, the Detroit city council member and famed Michigan congressman John Conyer’s wife, has FINALLY resigned from her post on the city council.  Her embarrassing remarks during and outside formal meetings, her disrespect of the City Council president Kenny Cockrel, and overall inability to display any remnant of composure or professionalism that would suggest she had any aptitude for her position are finally laid to rest. Continue reading

Now Michael’s For Sale


When the living legend, the King of Pop, was looking for someone to invest in him, buy up his records like times of old, all he could hear were crickets chirping.  But now, there’s nothing that is Michael Jackson related that is safe on the shelves anywhere.  People are in a buying frenzy to have a piece of him. Continue reading