The President Didn’t Visit HBCU’S … SO?!


Seasoned journalist DeWayne Wickham posed the question to the White House, “Did the President get any invitations to speak at any HBCU’s?”  and the White House acted as though that information was on some sort of gag order.  The President spoke at the Naval Academy, Notre Dame and Arizona State University.

April Ryan a white house correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks said that Howard University asked him, but the date conflicted with Notre Dame’s.  Which would mean Notre Dame asked first right? 

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he didn’t know what schools asked or didn’t ask.  So, now what?  Do we storm the White House and demand answers?  What explanation are we looking for?  What is significant about him NOT speaking to the graduating classes that supported his campaign in 2008 that helped him get into the White House?  Does it say something about how he’s running the country?  Does it make reference to him being a anti-black man?  Let’s think about it.  Read Wickham’s complaints here.

2 thoughts on “The President Didn’t Visit HBCU’S … SO?!”

  1. People get me about all of this dayum complaining. The man barely has time to wipe his @ss and now we get into the “obama isn’t acting black enough” bull. I think this man has shown that he doesn’t forget anything or anybody. With all that he has to do, I’m sure that if he had a chance to get to some HBCUs, then he would have. I wonder if this complainer who wrote the article contacted the HBCUs to see if they requested Obama.

    And let’s take a look at the number of blacks who voted this time. 23.5% more than in 2004, was it? And you want a special cookie…why? That still means that a lot of black folk didn’t even bother to vote at all this time around, in a historic election cycle. It’s still embarassing!

    Those schools probably asked the man on the night of the election, before he even became president. You can’t do stuff last minute and expect someone to be able to accommodate. Get your request in early for next year. If you get passed over again, then we can have this discussion again.

    Until then, quit whining. The man is busy!

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