Rebuilding New Orleans or Reorganizing the Blacks


New Orleans has not seen another hurricane season equivalent to Hurricane Katrina.  It has held strong and now it’s time for the rebuild, but now the residents who have been wooed into returning to their fair city are caught in a bit of a catch 22.  They want to come home, they are offering them a chance to rebuild, but they will essentially be akin to castaways on an island making their own way without any city services to support the neighborhoods.

For the first time in 24 years, the majority of the city council is white and they do not believe that certain areas that were ravaged by Katrina should be rebuilt.  According to the L.A. Times those that have moved back are looking for street lights, schools, parks, and other government services to return to their community.

The debate is fast becoming one of black vs. white.  While all of the Katrina areas were not black, a majority of polled whites still see the rebuild as unnecessary as it pertains to bringing back city resources.  Seventy-five percent of New Orleans communities have returned bringing the population to 336,000, according to the report.  since 2000, the white community has increased by four percent while the black community has seen numbers reduce by six percent.

So now engineers are telling the city that they are not interested in rebuilding in the areas that were the most badly damaged.  But what is to become of  the residents who have lived their lives in these areas?  They do not see their existence as a non-issue…as they shouldn’t.  Why not rebuild our areas?  There was a life there and the life should return.  We are not a nuisance, we are families that have a right to flourish where we once were.  What do you think?  Read the L.A. Times story here before you make up your mind.

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