Eminem Gets ‘Assed Out’ At MTV’s Movie Awards (Hilarious Video)


The MTV Movie Awards are never uneventful. They are usually full of all kinds of comedic stunts, but this one kinda took the cake. While everyone awaited the presenters for the next award, the presenter came from an unsuspecting place…the ceiling. And who would he be but Bruno, also known as Sasha Baron Cohen and the new character which is a follow-up to Borat.

He was wearing a huge set of wings filled with white feathers. As this fool began to fly around the auditorium, he lost some feathers, he parted his wings and there for the world to see was his bare ass parted by a white thong. Well, that is where the fun began, so to speak. He seemed to have difficulty flying and was lowered, consequently into the crowd, but not any old part of the crowd…Eminem’s lap.

Now it might have gone over well had he arrived in Eminem’s lap with his ass, but no that wasn’t enough action for MTV’s production. No, they took it all the way, by lowering this jackass head first into Eminem’s lap which left them in a 69 position and his bare ass and thong in Eminem’s face.

As you may have guessed, a barrage of fists and pushing occurred when Eminem’s posse noticed that the rapper was not amused. As soon as they got the clown off of him, Eminem and his posse left enraged and disgusted. Now you would think that with all the disgusting things Em might pull in his videos, he might’ve had some tolerance for what may have been MTV’s prank, but we won’t know until the dust settles on the incident.

Check out a seriously pissed off Eminem and his crew in this video highlight:

8 thoughts on “Eminem Gets ‘Assed Out’ At MTV’s Movie Awards (Hilarious Video)”

  1. Ha. Who would think Borat would mess with someone who looks so serious all the time (tinyurl.com/eminemcovers)?

  2. LOL Em is just reaping what he has sown for so long. He disrespects his mom, his wife, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Michael Jackson etc in song and video and its cool… Borat gives him a little teabaggin PG-13 action and he gets his panties in a bunch… GTFOH Em!

  3. omqqqqqqqqqqq!

    i cant believe they did dat gay ass shit to sum1 like em!

    hes soooo gonna odee on borat dumass!

  4. This is great!!! Eminem moons all the time (everyone has seen his ass) and now he gets a face full of ass, and the world has seen it, and is seeing it via vids and pix of “The Great Ass In Eminem’s Face Event 2009.” Everyone is talking about this!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I guess this makes Em “Bruno” Sacha Baron Cohen’s bitch. I think Em knew Bruno was going to fall on him as a planned joke. Butt!!! Em did not know the getting a face full of ass part. Em was hella punked!!! So, I think he was really pissed and left. I am a big fan of Em’s music and he is way cool and all….BUTT this is so funny that it happened to Eminem!!!!!Oh ya Em did sing about his bum on one one elces lips……I guess this ass in the face is for Em!!!!! hahahahaha!!!! Peace OUT!!!

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