Minimum Wage Earning Young Black Man Fathers 21 Children! (Video)

Desmond Hatchett
Desmond Hatchett

Child support by itself obviously does not deter anyone from having multiple children when they cannot afford them.  A young man in Tennessee, Desmond Hatchett, knows all too well about the “Friend of the Court” and how much of an enemy they can be.  But the people may be the more scary ones because some of the residents of Knoxville called for him to be “castrated.”

The 29-year old Hatchett has a minimum wage job and has a roster of children on the Knoxville court dockets.  A laundry list of at least 11 women and their children are on the list.  One unidentified woman in the report says her baby is supposed to receive $67.50 per month and she is behind with payments from Hatchett.

Hatchett admits to fathering 2 sets of four children in one year.  He now figures he will HOPEFULLY not have anymore children.  If I were him, I’d change my last name because he doesn’t need to “Hatch ett” or nothing else ever again.  See the walking sperm donation here:

16 thoughts on “Minimum Wage Earning Young Black Man Fathers 21 Children! (Video)”

  1. I disagree with the town wanting to have him castated. Children are a blessing and no matter what happened it has happened. Hopefully someone will offer him the help he needs so that he can help his children. He seems to be a good guy he just made some bad choices over the last 11 years..He will get it together.

  2. I don’t know who is more disgusting, him or the welfare bunnies that laid up with him with no protection whatsoever!! He should be neutered like a dog. He’ll stay at a minimum wage job because he won’t want to give up any more money. SMMFH. I feel sorry for those kids but, the mothers will be alright, they know how to work the system WE pay into, so they can continue to keep our wallets and their legs open.

  3. He is a dummy and maybe the store was out of rubbers, but those women if you can call them that played a large roll in this parenting mess. Why would you get pregnant with someone that had that many kids already and I’m sure if they all live in the same town they all knew who he was and what he was about. Come on ladies we have to be much smarter. Birth control and rubbers are your friend.

  4. N.Monique, he is NOT a good guy. I saw him skinning and grinning on the news last night, talking about he’s not having anymore children. It was also revealed that knucklehead has an extensive criminal record, including several felonies. The fool is on probation at this very moment. I too believe that children are a blessing, but unless you are equipped to take care of them, emotionally, financially and spiritually, some of those children live lifes straight from hell. This is one of the worse forms of child abuse. Unfortunately, many of these children will grow up only to repeat the cycle. As far as these lazy, nasty, illiterate welfare bunnies are concerned, I am so sick of them opening their legs to all incoming traffic and I end up paying the toll.

  5. Well, I stand corrected with my assumption that he may or may not be a good guy. Conrad, some people do bad things, but does that make them bad.. ? He should not be held captive by his bad choices. Hopefully he will turn it around. Like I said, hopefully someone will offer him the help he needs and stop magnifying the bad stuff that he has been covicted of. I am sure no one in this world is perfect. I just hope he will get it together. I pray for the children. We may be all surprised, just because these women found themselves in an unfortuante situation, there are plenty of options for them. Their chidlren do no have to be repeat offenders, lazy or welfare bunnies. Unfortunately, he will be broke for the rest of his life.

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