Teenage Male Gets to be Prom Queen

Sergio Garcia, the Prom 'Queen'
Sergio Garcia, the Prom 'Queen'

Only in L.A. could such a generous gesture of acceptance occur at a high school prom.  Usually, you hear about openly gay teens being harassed and left to their own clique of people.  But not at Fairfax High, they have enough love to pass around to everyone.

The openly gay Sergio Garcia, said he felt “invincible” when they gave him the crown.  He didn’t mean to go out for the crown, but the “stunt” that it started out as opened the school up to a bigger discussion and the whole thing took on a  bigger vision.

Some students were upset by the display and felt he should’ve just run for prom king.  But don’t worry, he didn’t wear the pumps to match.  Read the full story HERE.

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