LAPD Cop Gets Raided By His Blue Brothers

Randolph Franklin, LAPD
Randolph Franklin, LAPD

Some police officers must feel like some African Americans with a light complexion … caught between a rock and a hard place. At various times in their life, they’re either not dark enough for the browns nor light enough for the whites.

In 2006, Randolph Franklin’s black skin (with the blue hue)  became a bright red with the anger he experienced from an A.M. raid on his home by none other than the boys in blue … his brothers.

Franklin was alerted by SWAT that he had “20 minutes” to get his 3 and 7-year-olds up out of bed and out of the house before they proceeded to come in by force. Franklin took his children outside and they sat in the back of a patrol car to wait for six hours while his house was pillaged by officers in search of drugs and/or paraphernalia of a questionable lifestyle.

Somehow, a department riff between Franklin and a Capt. William Hayes spilled over into two unwitting detectives drug/murder sting.  The name wasn’t given on the warrant, only an address … Franklin’s address.  So, the detectives were off to investigate a murder that included three possible persons of interest in a gang in Franklin’s neighborhood and Franklin’s home was the third location on the warrant.

He was unable to get any justice via a lawsuit and now, after 25 years on the force,  looks at his career as an officer of the law as just a paycheck.  Now it appears that Franklin has filed an appeal and he will quit the force the moment he can “afford” it.

Read the full story here.  It’s a page turner that will incense, intrigue and frustrate you with the games we know people play on the job, but when it’s cops, the game is deadly.  It seems to be another “Training Day” happening inside the LAPD.

-J.C. Brooks

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