Man Tattoos 3-Year Old

Eugene Ashley
Eugene Ashley

Why in all that is holy would someone think it’s okay to tattoo a 3-year old baby?  His dumb ass inbred daddy, Eugene Ashley, it appears.  Luckily for the child, someone came over to the house the baby lives in and thought, “Dayum! What the hell is goin on?” 

The conditions were so poor that the visitor, who of course is anonymous, told authorities, “It’s so damn nasty in that house, a dog would do better braving the weather outside because it’s a good chance he’d get fleas inside that house.”  (loosely translated)

Well, obviously someone showed up to check it out and there it was, a wreck of a house and “D B” printed on the child’s back.  I can’t even write anymore of this foolishness to tell you what it meant.  Read the pure stupidity here.

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