Mexico’s Corruption Goes Through the Government’s Roof


The world was privy to one of the largest, most broad sweeping, corruption cases known to governmental history anywhere in the world yesterday.  It appears that all of Mexico City and 20-30 U.S. states are connected in an immense drug trafficking network that has engulfed the country.

When you read the story in the L.A. Times, you will think that the Mexican government has been locked up and looking for emergency officials to be shipped in to help run the country.  But, it isn’t that at all,  Mexican security forces only came through the state of  “Michoacan on Tuesday and arrested a total of 27 mayors and other government officials, the largest operation to target politicians in Mexico’s bloody drug war.  The officials, including 10 mayors, are being investigated for alleged ties to drug traffickers and other organized crime syndicates that in effect control large sections of Michoacan, the federal attorney general’s office said.”

Marion Barry never had a thing on these guys. The corruption has infested the government of Mexico, but one might argue that the officials had no choice.  Play or die!  Because as the Times reports, “Dozens of mayors and other local officials have been killed or kidnapped as La Familia, with chilling, disciplined efficiency, has extended its reach.”  And the drug war related deaths are at more than 11,000 nationwide. 

Read the details here.  If Scarface would’ve lived, this might have been his story.

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