Message to the Ineligible Bachelorette

Don’t take this personal…but if the Manolo Blahnik fits…wear it.   I’ve noticed it’s no longer battle of the sexes and our comments are in concert, but stated differently (male point of view/ female point of view). Men get together and talk just like women do…I pride myself on being a good listener, so I’ve been collecting all these examples for years. Now… I’m taking my gloves off.
If women only knew how simple it is to please a man we wouldn’t be having this endless debate. For example…Never eva eva eva ever…has one of my boys told me, “Man… I met a nice girl who had a Gucci messenger bag, Prada glasses, Jimmy Choo shoes and a designer silk dress from France. skkuuurrrtttt! STOP. Most men don’t give a crap about “who” you’re wearing…it’s definitely “how” you wear it. Women don’t buy that stuff for men…they wear it to impress other women. You can sit down at the bar and a man will admire you because you’re well groomed. More than likely he wouldn’t know that was a two thousand dollar bag and if he did add up your gear… a “wise” man would look at you like a horrible investment. Why would he want to buy a ticket on the Titanic?
Before we go any further, let’s do an inventory on the contents of that Gucci bag…$13.00 cash…six credit cards that should have been cut in half two years ago…and some tissue paper with lip stick smeared on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things also …but high end purses are made to be given.  Don’t take you’re income tax check and buy one…if you do, you might as well send two dozen roses to your job for you also. Now…you probably look good in your outfit …but you will get more attention in a $26.00 fitted jogging suit.
In addition…..
Relationships are partnerships. The two words are synonymous. You wouldn’t enter into a business deal blindly, so why would you jump head first into a relationship. Men are getting a lot smarter… they realize that everything that glitters isn’t gold. It’s not about how much a woman makes it’s about how much she spends. That leads us to the new definition of “sexy” for the summer 09′
Sexy is listening to your “girl” getting a gumbo recipe from her mom on the phone.
Sexy is seeing a cutie shopping at Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx
Sexy is that 2004 Camry…. that’s paid off.
Sexy is watching how she carries herself like a lady in public.
Sexy is how she reaches over to unlock my door after I let her into the car.
Sexy is how she reads the Business section in the newspaper
I could go on and on… But today’s “good catch” has got to be a good investment also.
-Jamie Davis

5 thoughts on “Message to the Ineligible Bachelorette”

  1. Okay, the writer illustrates some very great ideas. The concept “sexy” is oh so sexy.. I love the fact that simplicity is sexy. So many people over do it and find it hard to continue living thee lief (lie/life) they have created. I have alwasy believed in giving a relationship 6 months.. after that you really find out who and what you are working with. I need a full fledge man to walk beside me to work with me..and not always be the needy one and vice versa. We cannot make our relationship work if he is in Nieman’s and I am checking the clearance items in TAR-JAY.The vows that are taken are just spoken word until the bills are not paid or some other craziness enters the household. This is when the relationship’s glue is tested..So if you are unsure of who you are and if you believe you are devalued if you are not able to maintain a certain lifestyle or you need a certain lifestyle to be happy. You are in for a rude awakeing.. I heard a very great speaker speak these words ” you married your husband because he was fine” ” but fine cannot pay the bills” so if we have to keep it plain to keep it “Sexy” then let’s do it..

  2. I don’t think anything is wrong with buying anything as long as you can afford it. The fact that a woman, or a man, wears designer duds should have no bearing on the type of person they are. I’m so tired of people saying that if a person spends, or has, money that something is wrong with that. That should not be the basis of any relationship. I buy Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Chloe, but I have no credit card debt, am not behind on my bills, and have a killer credit score. And by the wasy, SO DOES MY MAN!!!!!!!!

  3. Can we please have this article posted on every billboard, smacked across every woman’s forehead and make it into a commercial while we are at it! Excellent points, and it’s good to finally hear that BROTHAS are getting smarter! Women, you have to recognize the you-ness in you and be creative enough to accept what the most high has granted you with! Hold ya head high knowing you are sexy, smart, and beautiful beacuse you are working what you have, not because there is a label on ya behind or on your shoulder or on ya shoes! Because when it all comes off, the labels can not save you!!!!!! Relationships are business decisions that require one CEO and one CFO, play ya position right so that the company thrives! And there isnt anything wrong if the CEO and CFO want to wear prada together which is why the title is a message to ineligible bachlorettes!

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