Twins Born With Two Different Fathers

Mia Washington and fiance' James Harrison with their sons
Mia Washington and fiance' James Harrison with their sons

Mia Washington must’ve been nervous as a hooker in church when she found out that there would be a paternity test on her twins.  Until that time, she was able to keep her affair hidden.  Her fiance/boyfriend James Harrison thought there was something peculiar about the  two children bearing an appearance that was fundamentally different. 

Washington admitted to the affair when the DNA results proved that  Harrison was the father of one and not the other.  But, don’t you wonder what she did until then?   I mean, he ordered a DNA test and she could’ve stayed stone faced until the results came in.  No one knows that story…at least not at NBC.  But she did tell reporters that she will not be telling the other guy about the baby.  Well, unless he doesn’t have a GED or better, and no access to a television or computer,  he will have a clue.  What do you think?

Anywho, Harrison who is 24 years her senior, has agreed to remain in the picture and raise the baby as his own.  Washington, just turned 20 and revealed that she is pregnant with a baby girl that’s due in August.  Which will bring the couple to a total of four children.  Don’t be mad James, at least you got two out of the four.  You win some, you lose some.  In this case, you lose none because Washington seems to be completely pro-life.  Well congrats to them!  Read the peculiar story here.


-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Twins Born With Two Different Fathers”

  1. lawd! lawd? lawd! this is a maury povich moment if there ever was one…”james, you are not the father!…oh wait…james, you are the father”…and by the way, “mia, this is what happens when you sleep with two guys at the same time…especially while you’re ovulating”

    man, oh man! i’ve heard it all now. i guess james deserves his props for stepping up to care for both boys…i wonder what’s gonna happy when “other baby daddy” figures out what’s up. no doubt he’ll try to get his 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Instead of cheesing for a photo op, she needs to go somewhere and hide her nasty a.z.z. What a pig! Well, at least James has enough pride to look like he is ashamed and uncomfortable. We already know they are not going to live happily ever after. James is gonna get mad and tell her what a nasty ho she is. I just hope they’re no “laying on of hands.”

  3. She looks dumb as hell. There are many women out there who DOES have sex with 2 men in the same day but they don’t let the world know about it. She should feel stupid. BTW, it was pointless for James to get a DNA test if he was going to say in the boys life. However, she has handsome boys and I wish them all the best.

  4. Obviously, she’s hoping to follow in the footsteps of Octomom, with all of the donations that come with it.

    She needs a catchy nickname though. Hope about Doubleslut?

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