President Obama Is In Charge But Not at the White House

Rear Admiral Stephen Rochon , White House Chief Usher
Rear Admiral Stephen Rochon , White House Chief Usher

Let us introduce to you Rear Admiral Stephen Rochon.  He is the White House Chief Usher and he is in charge of the domestic staff.

He is the eighth person and the first black person to hold this position.

He was appointed the position in 2007 under President George W. Bush after the previous usher retired after 20 years of service, and the Obamas decided to retain him.

He manages all 132 rooms the day-to-day operations $13-million plus budget, and 90+ staff of the White House. He oversees the White House operations, maintenance and utilities and works with the White House Social Security on ceremonial events of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Admiral Rochon previously served as the Coast Guard’s commander of the Maintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic, where he was responsible for naval and civil engineering, financial management, personnel, legal, civil rights, electronic systems support, and contingency planning across 40 states, Puerto Rico, Europe, and the Middle East.

Admiral Rochon has a B.S. in Business Administration from Xavier University, and an M.S in National Resource Strategy from the National Defense University. He has earned the Coast Guard Distinguished Medal and three Legion of Merit medals.

Admiral Rochon is married and has four children.

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