Man Sentenced to 20 Years While 5 Police Officers Fired For Beating Him (Video)

Anthony Warren
Anthony Warren

The Alabama police department is astonished over the firing of five police officers whose seasoned careers equaled over 50 years on the force.

The dummies had the nerve to beat the hell out of a suspect after he was unconscious.

Anthony Warren led police on a high speed chase for approximately 20 minutes before they were able to get close enough to push the van into a tailspin.

After rolling over several times, Warren was ejected from the vehicle and appeared to be unconscious.  The officers then unleashed a fury of kicks, punches, and a few night stick jabs.

You can read the story here for all of the details of the case, but highlights from the video are right here:

2 thoughts on “Man Sentenced to 20 Years While 5 Police Officers Fired For Beating Him (Video)”

  1. While I do not support the police action on must watch the full 20 minute video to see all the people who could have been killed or injured by this guy. My thoughts are police should use more force even if it is deadly force early in a chase so that bystanders are not injured during a long chase. I understand people say the beating was wrong and it was but I would have been ok if they would have used deadly force to stop the van much sooner and not risk as many lives. Who feels sorry for the family of police when they die in a car chase. Where is the outrage in the media then. When the police lights come on just stop. Its that simple. If he had done that and then was beaten I would give him millions in damages but now he deserves nothing.

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