Obama to Change Emissions and Mileage Standards


Obama is going to see to it that we enjoy better gas mileage on our cars and also make the auto dealers do better or do their part to make the air quality from our vehicles clean as possible.  Environmentalists are doing the happy dance and singing the praises of the plan that will be unveiled today.

According to the report, the cars will have to also go up in price by a few hundred dollars.  Looking at the economy today, they can’t sell the less efficient cars, how are they going to jack the price up and sell these proposed vehicles?  The wishful thinking must be that the economy would have turned around by then…let’s PLEASE hope so!

The benefits we will see is in the gas mileage.  The changes aren’t going to be visible until 2016 though, so clap don’t scream.  The gas mileage in cars today get approximately 25 miles per gallon and with his plan it will expand “consumption for US vehicles to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016”, but most cars “must reach 39 gallons” according to the report.

You’ll be shocked at the emissions that the new plan will save the planet.  Read the report here.

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