Foreclosures Hit Minorities Hard in NY


Communities all across the country are suffering from foreclosures, some more than others.  Right now, New Yorkers are having one of the roughest times in the economy.  The conspiracy theorist, such as myself, would say that the urban centers throughout the country being first red lined in the 50s to keep African Americans from owning homes in the cities and then as the NAACP is quoted as saying in the story “reverse red lined” with subprime mortgages are no mistake, no co-ink-ee-dink, nor mishap on the part of the banks.

No, this foreclosure problem is a plan set up by the MAN to regain the prime real estate they made available once civil rights laws made the city planning offices remove the red lines from the maps across the nations and allowed the minority home buyers a chance to get their piece of the pie. (Again, WARNING: this is a conspiracy theory…read on)

The problem in New York is fundamental.  The real estate there is not just prime real estate, it’s THE prime real estate.  Jamaica Queens?  Bed-Stuy Brooklyn? Let me ask you something, how important is it to you that you work close to your job?  It’s important to EVERYONE.  How often have you watched the suburbanites walk out of their communities and into the inner city everyday to work?  Well, guess what, they were watching too.  They are now thinking they don’t want to live on the outskirts anymore.  It feels like there was a meeting and our minority asses weren’t invited.

The mission is simply to get back into the cities and start things over from scratch.  And to further my theory, in case you haven’t noticed, more than 10 years ago there was a saturation of the suburbs with those pushed out of high-rise projects.  One city in particular was Baltimore city.  They had a high rise project imploded.  They then moved all the residents to nearby suburbs.  If they were employed they were far from their jobs, and not only that, it was like dropping a bear raised in captivity into the woods.  Which way do I go?  Most of them had no cars and things became a little more than interesting for the long time suburbanites who would soon call them “neighbor.”

Fight back New York!  Keep the pressure on the banks and the city council to help you out.  Read here to see what I’m talking about.

J.C. Brooks

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