Swine Flu Overwhelms 3 NY Schools; Causes Closings

Susan B. Anthony middle school in Queens, NY
Susan B. Anthony middle school in Queens, NY


The swine flu is back with a vengeance in the Queens, NY area.  The first time the sickness hit the New York area was late April in a Catholic school that had a class return from a visit to Mexico.

Bloomberg is closing three schools that total more than 4,000 students because “there are an unusually high level of flulike illnesses at those schools”, said the report.

The Susan B. Anthony middle school’s assistant principal is in critical condition and on a ventilator.  That is the most severest case reported at this time.  But, more than 50 students went home sick with flu-like symptoms and four students are documented with swine flu as well.  Thursday, 241 students were absent and dozens sick at an elementary school.

 At another middle school in Queens, 241 students were absent Thursday. Dozens more were sick at an elementary school.

Read more here about the outbreak.

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