Obama’s Girls Used For Murdered Children Photo


The Washington Times made one of the hugest mistakes that a newspaper or any other publication can make.  The newspaper ran a story headlined as “36 Chicago Area Students Killed Sets Record.”  Well, the story’s headline had the picture of the President’s children, seemingly, headed to school above it.  The two had nothing to do with the other.

The editor, John Solomon, obviously had the picture snatched the moment he noticed it.  But, the problem was that a machine pulled the photo for what it thought was “relevant” to the theme of the story, according to Solomon.  So, there ya go!  Machines cannot do a better job than humans.  Sounds like the machine needs to be put out to pasture and a qualified individual employed.

The President and the First Lady were surely upset by this mistake and probably will look into my suggestions.  Read more about the mistake that could’ve been avoided here.

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