It’s True! Africans Populated the World!


Scientists have come forward with conclusive evidence that Africans are not only the oldest people on the planet,  but they are adventurous and bold as well. 

The story reports that while it was Africans who made the trek, to make the DNA go round, it was a trek indeed.  “”There seems to have been a huge amount of luck involved as they were totally at the whim of the climate. The climate changed at just the right time to allow them to expand out of Africa and they were allowed to expand geographically as a result, but when the climate changed they shrank back again,” according to an anatomist, Dr Alice Roberts, included in the story.

The information reminds me of a book called Dark Mother, published in 2001 and written by Dr. Lucia C.  Birnbaum.  She has been talking about this information for some time as you can see.  Now she is backed by the scientific community. 

Read more about the glorious journey Africans made to populate the world, here.

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