Waitress Gets Gun for Complaining Customer


A waitress in South Carolina at the Waffle House must’ve been having a bad day…at least that’s what we’re going to say here.  Poor 29-year-old Yakeisha Ward was just doing her daily grind as a waitress, waiting on people, when what would happen, but a complaint.  And we must admit, the complaint wasn’t nice.  She could’ve said it better, but she chose the low road.

The customer, Crystal Samuel, didn’t have to throw a waffle at the waitress.  The war of words shoud’ve been enough, but once the food was thrown at her, what was the waitress to do?  She was up at 4:30am serving someone and on top of her complaining she threw food at her!  What else was she supposed to do, but go get her nine…right?

Wrong!  She came in with such a rage, she wasn’t even the one who got to cappin!  Read more about the two stooges here.

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