The Backstory To MiJac’s ‘This Is It’ Tour


If a certain promoter doesn’t cripple his plans, Michael Jackson will finally come from behind the curtain to call it curtains on his career.

He’s been out of circulation so long, the young people today do not even know who he is outside of paternity tests, drama with child molestation charges, and illness.  They probably think he’s just some “has been” artist that took to taking drugs and that’s why he looks and acts the way he does … well that’s not entirely inaccurate.

But, no kiddies, Michael Jackson is one of the best entertainers the world had ever seen …about 30 years ago.  He has had some hits in the 90s too, but his real success is from his first solo efforts Off the Wall and Thriller.  The self-proclaimed King of Pop will be staging 50 performances in London called “This Is It.”  And it just may be, with the way he’s looked in the media lately.  There were rumors that he had taken ill.

But his concert promoter, Los Angeles-based AEG Live, is confident that this show will be the concert to rival all concerts starting with its enormous budget of over $20 million.  They are in good spirits that Michael is ready to prove himself though.  With all shows already sold out, he has a lot riding on his reputation.

Although you can’t get a ticket at the box office, you still may want to read more about him and his progress with the show here.

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