Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton Meets With ‘BlackFace’ In Spain

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton
British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton

The adolescent racist “black face” routine has again bowed its ugly head at Spain’s Grand Prix where race car driver Lewis Hamilton was in the driver’s seat.  Some fans are still upset over what they feel is unfair treatment of their hometown driver, Fernando Alonso who left the McClaren team to drive for Renault.

Racist Spanish driving fan in blackface taunts Lewis Hamilton
Racist Spanish driving fan in blackface taunts Lewis Hamilton

Alonso felt that the McClaren family was favoring his teammate and he left wanting “special status” that he did not receive.   But, instead of coming to an agreement with the team he chose to leave and the fans have taken to demeaning and harassing Hamilton at racing events.

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10 thoughts on “Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton Meets With ‘BlackFace’ In Spain”

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    It makes me sick that, standing side by side, we might be confused for the same race; I have absolutely no qualms calling it an ‘enword’ (because the REAL word would most probably get me banned from this site).

  3. “enword” real word, doesn’t really matter. It’s all the same. They are acting ugly because the drive left to drive for someone else. He must be a good driver and they have something to lose.

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  5. I thought Spain was poised to lose their grands prix if another situation like this emerged. It is painfully obvious that the F1 organizers can care less about incidents like these, which further proves that F1 is run by biggots. What would happen if people of African descent show up Catalunya wearing “white face,” claiming to be part of Alonso’s family? The entire crowd would call for an on-the-spot hanging, probably led by the country’s president! Some people don’t like when the “playing field” is level for all. In 2007, Alonso had his a$$ handed to him by a rookie, pure and simple. Alonso has gotten over it, now the rest of these mindless boobs should follow suit!

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