Head Start Teacher Can’t Stop Kicking the Kids

Jean E. Dorvil
Jean E. Dorvil

A Head Start teacher in Miami is being held in jail for his actions while caring for pre-schoolers.  This jackass, oops, Jean E. Dorvil, looped, swooped, and came down on a girl while she was sleeping … WITH HIS FOOT … SHOE ON!

The thing that is going to cook your grits is the fact that he waited till she was napping and then kicked her in the face and drew blood by busting her lip.  The little girl said it was all over her going to the restroom during nap time after he told her that she couldn’t.  Obama would have had to deploy troops to that school to get mine and lots of other parents’ foot out of his ass.

But, not only that, this isn’t the first time he’s done it and the incidents go back to 2002.  They wrote off an incident where a child was hurt in his care with the SAME INJURIES that year.   Altogether the cases are equaling four.

Read here for more information on this fool while I try to find his address and phone number.  Me and girly from the Waffle House story are going to ride down on this fool … as soon as she gets out.

3 thoughts on “Head Start Teacher Can’t Stop Kicking the Kids”

  1. LOL!!not at the story but you!! you and waffle girl…LOL!! somebody need to put their feets up that a$$ of his for real!! and he’s still been working there since that first incident????? come on now….we’s gots ta do better than this fool right here!!!

  2. I must be am missing something. He has done this before and he wasn’t fired and arrested? Has this story been verified? This can’t be true?

  3. nah, I don’t believe this story….Don’t even sound right… look at him, he’s a black man…..there is no way he would still have a job….

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