U.S. Military Opens Fire On U.S. Military


No one thinks that they will send their child over to Iraq and they come home in a body bag because they were assaulted by someone they work with.  That is something that could’ve happened to them if they stayed home.  Not only were the five officers killed on their base, but Time is reporting that the armed forces are riddled with gang members from the Crips to the Mexican Mafia.

The person who killed his fellow officers nor the victims are being identified at this time.  But, there are several problems going on in the military that may be causing the same problems we’re experiencing stateside.  One of them is isolation.  Time’s report details officers that have been on the bases so long without leaving they refer to them as “Fobbits.”  Like Hobbits from Lord of the Rings…get it?  But FOB stands for Forward Operating Bases and some of the soldiers that have been ridiculed from their full-time stint without ever venturing into the streets of the city have not left since they’ve been there.

So far, there isn’t much more information to get from the shootings, but you can read the full report here.

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