Rapper Wannabe “Caught” Up In Creating Image


The thing the rappers out there need to understand as they aspire to enter the “game” is that your character can be manufactured by your record label as they prepare to launch your career.  Obviously, this young man was not given this crucial information or he had no prior information on Everlast, Vanilla Ice or more recently, Run’s son, Jo Jo (check out the EUR for the latest on him).

Rapper-hopeful, Steven Gilmore, has been arrested in an effort to, as he explained to Florida police, build his street cred by going on a crime spree that included shooting a cashier in the head with a bb gun.  I must be totally out of touch, but is the hip-hop industry so volatile that you have to bus’ a cap in someone’s ass in order to get a contract?  I’m sorry, but I really don’t think so.

Long before Chris Bridges became Ludacris, he sold a ton of records on his own and was offered a record contract based on his earning potential.  Wise up potential artists!  The music industry simply wants to be assured that you are worth the investment.  If you have proven record sells that will make money for the label they will CREATE the image they want you to have. 

Read more on this unfortunate young man who has been reintroduced to reality the hard way…like he “supposedly” likes it.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. man…i don’t even know what to say! are our young men really that out of touch? i guess they are…so, so sad!

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