Marry For Money vs. Marry For Love


A lot of people straddle the fence of the marriage question all the time.  But then again, you have those women out there who know who they are and go straight for the dollars and men either respect or reject them for it.  But now there’s two women who claim to know the key to marriage through the book they wrote, “Smart Girls Marry for Money: How Women Have Been Duped Into the Romantic Dream–And How They’re Paying For It.”

Now you might want to write this book off as two women who just had adulterers who left them, possibly, for other women, and now they are bitter and resentful.  Or we can finally answer the question, golddigger or family planner?  It appears that these are two caucasian women think they are giving up the secrets to planning within a marriage as well as holding on to some of the cash.  Although, when you read the interview of the women, one of them admits that her new husband doesn’t have much cash and they both work hard to be middle class.

But the question still remains, do you marry for money or love?  And my answer is a question…why do you have to choose? Women, can’t you find a way to find the man that offers you stability and a true caring relationship without asking the brother for his credit report and a background check?  Men, when are you going to be honest with the women and tell them, I’m not looking to get married, I just want to have fun and when I don’t want to have fun, you’ll be the first to know.  There really are women and men out there who appreciate honesty.  But, there’s so much game playing going on that Stevie Wonder should be able to see that there’s not much room for marriage. 

Let’s be honest, who is out there on the dating scene today saying, “Now this is the one I think I could have two kids with, save up to $1 million by retirement, increase my investment portfolio and leave a will behind”?  Not many.  There are a bunch of hopeless romantics going to the theater watching “Marley and Me” and thinking they will have the marriage that will stand the test of time purely based on the love between them.  How many of you feel most marriages stay together as long as they do for the children?  If there’s children, A LOT of the time they are the glue.  Does anybody know why you get married if you DON’T want children?  Just joking.  Of course, everyone knows that answer…you’ve married your Prince Charming, right?

Read here and see if you get anything out of their book you can use.  But, it looks like this is a book that is not being used by the authors.

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Marry For Money vs. Marry For Love”

  1. I don’t know if i’m buying that …it appears that caucasian women are raised to think like that whereas black women marry for love. Now, I’m not mad at the woman who can a find the right mix of both that works for them, but I’m just not willing to sell my soul for some paper. Money alone doesn’t make you happy but love and no money is no fun either. Trust me, I’ve been the latter.

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