Pregnant Prisoner Won’t Get Death Penalty

Samantha Orobator, held in Laos for drug trafficking
Samantha Orobator, held in Laos for drug trafficking

A young African woman is detained in Thailand, in the city of Laos.  They are keeping her for drug trafficking which is usually punishable by death.  That’s right, I said DEATH!  They don’t play about the drug situation there.  But, the thing is, she’s not from there.  She was supposedly visiting from the UK.

But the plot thickens, somehow she came up pregnant in jail and now they cannot harm a hair on her head.  Authorities expect she may have been raped inside or was pregnant when apprehended. I’m not certain if they do life terms, but what else can they do?   Her parents, who live in Dublin, Ireland, did not know that she was anywhere near the city of Laos.  When she was caught she had half a kilogram of cocaine on her.

Read here for the full story.

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