Lil’ Kim Is Off Dancing With the Stars (Video)

Lil Kim on Dancing With the Stars
Lil Kim on Dancing With the Stars

Lil’ Kim has done an excellent job of revamping her image.  If anyone had any doubt she had dancing skills, she definitely has put away with those ideas as well.

She lasted a very long time on DWTS, probably when most had counted her out.  But, she kept doing such a great job you rooted for her over and over again.

But then the hate rears its ugly head right ON THE SHOW!  The judge makes a remark about her trying so hard to be a class act, yet she was still a tramp at heart. (loose translation)  Check out the footage for yourself!  Bravo Lil’ Kim!! You done yourself proud girlfriend.  Now we just have to keep her away from the plastic surgeons.

Congratulations again Kim! You’re still a winner in our book!  Check out this judge:

7 thoughts on “Lil’ Kim Is Off Dancing With the Stars (Video)”

  1. He used a bad choice of words. I did not like that comment either.

    I liked how her partner put his arms around her showing her affection after he said that.

  2. I don’t think he used the wrong choice of words. He hit the nail on the head. If she dresses like one and acts one… somebody finish the saying for me…

  3. Please, people..If you followed her journey on the show, you would know why he used that term…It was a compliment and she took that compliment like a Woman should. Lil Kim did a helluva job..I am so proud of her…Yes Ty Murray should have been voted off… But that’s what happens when you don’t call in and vote…You just assume other people will call in and do the job for you…Hat’s off to you Lil Kim…………..Holla

  4. Unless you are blind in one eye and Just cannot see out ouf the other, weall know, including the last couple standing, that Lil Kim should not have been booted off yet.

    Not only did she bring pizzazz to the show, but she danced very well, there wer others who did not do the Waltz, tango, or salsa well at all some were very stiff.

    P.S. I got what Brung meant by her being comforatable being a TRAMP- get over it.

    Keep your head up Lil Kim

  5. What’s the big deal, she’s a lying thug and a low-life skank, but it’s not like they didn’t know that going in. Hopefully, she made enough money on the competition to go to beauty school as that music “career” is long over.

  6. Susan,

    Sorry it sounds like you are hating for really. Give the lady the credit she deserves, she did an excellent job on DWS.

    Get a Blessing I am sending you one

    B BlESSED!!!!!!

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