DC’s Marion Barry Asks For A “Do-Over” On Vote for Same Sex Marriage

Former Mayor of D.C. Marion Barry
Former Mayor of D.C. Marion Barry

Marion Barry, you remember him right?  The former mayor of D.C. that was caught on video smoking crack with a “friend.”  Well, he’s made a tremendous return to the city’s politics and is still a beloved member of the city.  The former mayor currently serves as a city council member and he had an important vote to make this week…but he got a little confused.

The city council had to vote on recognizing same sex marriages and they gave a unanimous vote of yes until Barry woke up.  Then, it was as though he said, “Wait a minute!  What was that again?”  It appears he didn’t know whether a vote of yes meant he was for or against same sex marriage and the vote was unanimous for same sex marriage, When he asked for a “do-over” everyone was fine with it and  it ignited a debate over the vote.

Read here to see the final vote.

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