44 Killed at Engagement Party


In Turkey, they have a modern day Hatfield and McCoy feud going on…except the way they fight they are closer to being the Sopranos.  The family of the soon to be bride reportedly was marrying someone that family members did not approve of.  They wanted her to marry one of their own and she was marrying into another family.

Gunmen rushed in and stopped everything with a flurry of bullets killing 44.   The bride and groom and the officiant were all killed.  There were six children, 17 women and 21 men as the final count of those dead.  And to top it off, all the people who were killed were buried in a mass grave.  One girl lost six of her family members, another two stayed alive by not moving after friends fell on top of them covering them.  The eight assailants were captured by police.  There not sure if there were more.

As absolutely horrific as this thing sounds, it still gets worse.  Read the full story here.

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