3-Year Old Found Alive In Woods 2 Days After Disappearance

Joshua Childers, 3-years old
Joshua Childers, 3-years old

There are a lot of parents who are looking for their children wishing that such a miracle would happen.  To them, we say, God bless you and our prayers are with you, and we know that this little boy being found is nothing short of a miracle.

Joshua Childers, 3, walked away from his home in a rural area of Missouri and was gone for 50 hours in the woods with nothing more than a t-shirt, sneakers and a pull-up on.  There were search teams, divers and everything you can imagine looking for him.  But one man, a construction worker, that had decided to volunteer to help look for the boy just happened to see the boy emerge from what reporters described as the “hilly terrain of Mark Twain National Forest.”

To think he could’ve been eaten by a wild animal, abducted, or sickened by the temperatures.  Read here to see how fortunate they are.

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