When Do We Draw the Line On the Internet?

Catsouras family during happier times
Catsouras family during happier times

A California family, the Catsouras, have been trying to mourn their daughter’s horrific and sudden death privately that happened three years ago.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen because somehow the police that were at the crime scene made sure that the pictures of this graphic incident ended up online.

The pictures were even sent to her father once as a joke.  The e-mail was vicious saying “I’m still alive” with all of the graphic photos of her mangled body and decapitated head attached to the mail. 

Now the family is spending thousands in legal fees to bring awareness to the government and Internet communities that use these photos.  They are trying to use themselves as an example to show us how the information abyss can affect all of us.

The crusade is one that should be taken very seriously.  Child porn and other things are a problem, but the inability to keep anything sacred is too.

The entire story is HERE.  Read it and think about what you’re putting on the Internet and how others are taking advantage of images of you and/or in this case   Anyone can post your pics and anything else they take from you.

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