The President Didn’t Visit HBCU’S … SO?!


Seasoned journalist DeWayne Wickham posed the question to the White House, “Did the President get any invitations to speak at any HBCU’s?”  and the White House acted as though that information was on some sort of gag order.  The President spoke at the Naval Academy, Notre Dame and Arizona State University.

April Ryan a white house correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks said that Howard University asked him, but the date conflicted with Notre Dame’s.  Which would mean Notre Dame asked first right?  Continue reading

Eminem Gets ‘Assed Out’ At MTV’s Movie Awards (Hilarious Video)


The MTV Movie Awards are never uneventful. They are usually full of all kinds of comedic stunts, but this one kinda took the cake. While everyone awaited the presenters for the next award, the presenter came from an unsuspecting place…the ceiling. And who would he be but Bruno, also known as Sasha Baron Cohen and the new character which is a follow-up to Borat.

He was wearing a huge set of wings filled with white feathers. As this fool began to fly around the auditorium, he lost some feathers, he parted his wings and there for the world to see was his bare ass parted by a white thong. Well, that is where the fun began, so to speak. Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Mo’Nique, Rihanna, Twista, Jamie Foxx and more…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…

Monique and Sidney
Monique and Sidney

Comedienne Mo’Nique and hubby Sidney Hicks took the time to sit down and dish the dirt with Jet Magazine.  They discuss everything from Mo’s career to her rapid weight loss.  Many have speculated that Mo’s weight loss is due to gastric bypass but let Mo’Nique tell it, she’s afraid of needles.  Make sure you check out this week’s Jet Magazine for all of the details.


Side Bar-I’ll take that “diet” and “eating right” excuse for now but if in another month dat heifer’s a size 6…imma be calling her for a referral to her doctor.  Nuff said… Continue reading

Rebuilding New Orleans or Reorganizing the Blacks


New Orleans has not seen another hurricane season equivalent to Hurricane Katrina.  It has held strong and now it’s time for the rebuild, but now the residents who have been wooed into returning to their fair city are caught in a bit of a catch 22.  They want to come home, they are offering them a chance to rebuild, but they will essentially be akin to castaways on an island making their own way without any city services to support the neighborhoods. Continue reading

Financier Banks On Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson has long been a hot commodity to the public, but the banks and investors have left him far behind as a bad asset or poor investment.  His “camp” and personal life have long been riddled with controversy and financial impropriety.  But, now, that he prepares for a 50-show run in London, it is evident that someone has banked heavily on the embattled questionable king of pop. Continue reading

Minimum Wage Earning Young Black Man Fathers 21 Children! (Video)

Desmond Hatchett
Desmond Hatchett

Child support by itself obviously does not deter anyone from having multiple children when they cannot afford them.  A young man in Tennessee, Desmond Hatchett, knows all too well about the “Friend of the Court” and how much of an enemy they can be.  But the people may be the more scary ones because some of the residents of Knoxville called for him to be “castrated.” Continue reading

LAPD Cop Gets Raided By His Blue Brothers

Randolph Franklin, LAPD
Randolph Franklin, LAPD

Some police officers must feel like some African Americans with a light complexion … caught between a rock and a hard place. At various times in their life, they’re either not dark enough for the browns nor light enough for the whites.

In 2006, Randolph Franklin’s black skin (with the blue hue)  became a bright red with the anger he experienced from an A.M. raid on his home by none other than the boys in blue … his brothers. Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on R. Kelly, Pretty Ricky, C-Murder and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

R. Kelly
R. Kelly

Why can’t folks just leave R. Kelly alone?  Back in the day when R. was Robert, he was in a singing group with a dude named Marc McWilliams … AKA … Marc Darc.  Just as Rob is getting over all of the media attention from his high profile child pornography case, this dude from his past comes out with this WHACK AZZ dis record.  Personally I see it as a ploy to get folks asking about the white boy singing in the beginning and ending of the video … but that’s just me.  Lastly, this WHACK ISH was supposedly produced by Tyrone “Hurt M Bad” Wrice, the producer of Tupac’s, “Hail Mary” and “Me and my Girlfriend.”  However, I REFUSE to believe that a dude who produced joints that great, produced this WHACK SHIZNIT.  That’s just my take.  Y’all be the judge… Continue reading