Japanese Women Advocating Easy Access? They’re Turning To Loincloths (Video)


Hmm, what’s going on in Japan is all we ca say about a new trend that’s happening there. It seems more and more Japanese women are ditching the bottom half of their underwear in favor of … loincloths!

Reuters says it’s this latest in “women’s liberation” is a product making a comeback in Japan that makers claim allows women to ditch tight-fit underwear.

A Japanese lingerie maker calls female loincloth underwear the “ultimate liberation item” for women.

The idea is to emancipate woman from the tightness of the conventional underwear often using rubber and wires and also save them from the hassles of finding the right size, say the inventors.

“We wanted young woman to have more sense of freedom and release.”

“It is easy to wear and quite nice. It’s also good for summer,” endorses a client. Check out this video report from reuters:

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  1. Okay, I have to admit it is kinda cute. There is ample coverage.I might try it out if I were to receive a free sample in the mail.

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