The Voting Rights Act is Back



The Supreme Court will be looking over the challenge to provisions of  the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  This Act protects the rights of African Americans to vote in U.S. elections and is supposed to create an infrastructure that ensures that no one is discriminated against or are victims of intimidation or election tricks that prevent minorities from voting.

But, the real question is why is it that there is always a vote on extending the Voting Rights Act and not on making the Act PERMANENT?  This is something that President Obama could be instrumental in changing during his time in office.  The fact that the Supreme Court is voting on the provisions of this Act ever so often is evidence of the racial machine that is still inherent in U.S. politics.

The right to vote is a right we are all born with, but they don’t have to provide the polls and structures that make that possible.  So, the crusade for our politicians should be to call the Supreme Court to task and make this Voting Rights Act as concrete as the Constitution.  Read here for more about the Voting Rights Act controversy happening today.

One thought on “The Voting Rights Act is Back”

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