NYC Cops Rape Drunk Woman Needing A Ride Home

Kenneth Moreno, NYPD
Kenneth Moreno, NYPD

How bad can one police department be?  I mean, you got Abner Louima, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, and now this?  The entire New York Police Department needs an overhaul.  A woman is out partying with friends and has a few too many, but her friends believe that it should be safe to call for a taxi to get her home.  But what happens after that, is deplorable.

The taxi driver has difficulty getting her out of the cab and call the police.   Why not, right?  I mean, it’s the police he’s calling, not Ted Bundy…so he thought.  But, once they get her out of the car, allegedly they take her into her apartment and have their way with her.   Both Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata were suspended from duty and they pleaded not guilty yesterday to rape, burglary and official misconduct charges.

The incredible part  is that the report states that Moreno is “prepared to fight these charges every step of the way,” according to his lawyer.  Yet, there was no DNA evidence found because he admitted to using a condom during the assault.  Where do you go from here, Moreno? 

Read the full story on these low lifes here.

2 thoughts on “NYC Cops Rape Drunk Woman Needing A Ride Home”

  1. Dude… I agree. These scumbags really need to get there shit re-examined. What kind of friends put you in a cab and hope that you get home safe any how…? Someone needs to re-evaluate there friends better. DUMB-ASSES!!

    Good post!

    Philly Joe

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