Prison Is the New “Dream Home” For Mortgage Frauders


Did someone offer you a chance at getting your dream home with just a simple investment of $50,000 in mortgage payments and  a $5,000 administrative fee by refinancing your home?  If so, you might want to have your attorney put a call in to find out how you can recoup your monies.

Although, it might be hard for those who were bilked out of their monies equaling $70 million to get anything from those who are preparing to reside in their newest vacation spot…the penitentiary.  Five, obviously, believable individuals promoted a U.S. program called “Dream Homes” and they reportedly, “promised to meet the homeowner’s future monthly mortgage payments and pay off their mortgage within five to seven years using revenue from profitable business.”

Well these guys must’ve gotten their scheme straight out of the books of “The Boiler Room” because they ran with the money to professional sporting events, enjoyed luxury cars including chauffeurs and luxury hotel room stays and paid on their own dream homes.

Mad?  Me too and it didn’t even happen to me.  Read here to get the full story on their antics.

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