Is Obama Hypnotizing Us?

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

This should be one of our “Jokey Jokes,” but it appears that this is a very real and serious slice of documentary that is trying to make the case that President Obama has learned hypnosis techniques to captivate the world. 

They even go as far as to compare his speeches and choice of words to Hitler.  This has been posted by some “Anonymous Truther,” so you KNOW there’s no truth to it.  Tell us what you think.  Check it out here:

7 thoughts on “Is Obama Hypnotizing Us?”

  1. That’s a shame they will try and make up any thing to discredit our President They just cant believe we have a real intelligent black man as our president.

  2. I am amazed at the lengths these people are going to to discredit our esteemed President. They can’t fathom that a majority of intelligent people would choose him, so they stoop to accusing him of HYPNOSIS?? That is by far the most pathetic thing I have heard from this group so far.

  3. After listening to this drivel, I am now naked! Please tell me where to send all my money!
    Actually, Bush hypnotized me with his malapropisms!

  4. Whom ever produced this clip,is still filled with hatred for black people and is never going to accept a black human being as an authority figure. Furthermore, comparing our President to Hitler is just plan old ignorant.
    What a useless waste of talent this person has. Why don’t they make a few videos of the lynchings and rapes and all things that was done to our black families and how we worked for nothing hundreds of years without pay.

  5. I must agree with all thus far, Pawnshopman I think you said it best and it’s sheer ignorance. I have shared about the racisms in blogs across this country since his nomination acceptance and to date it appears that most, Not All but far many than we can count are blind, just blind to the facts. Hear no Evil, See no Evil, give me a break.

  6. Anonymous Truther has finally said the truth. I now understand why the Rush’s of the world can exist in such total bliss – they are simply ingnorant, uneducated bigots (per A. T. you have to be educated to be fooled by our President). Wait a minute…since A.T. can’t be fooled…. A.T. are you also under-educated, and therfore incapable of coherent thought? Thanks for the insite as to how intelligent your “TRUTH” is.

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