Bleach In The Bath A Day Keeps the Eczema Away


Well, maybe you shouldn’t use bleach everyday … except on the days your child is having an eczema flare up.  It appears that researchers found that bleach not only kills the bacteria, but it doesn’t increase bacteria resistance that antibiotics normally do.

Scientists have said that bleach or chlorine is an irritant or trigger for eczema, but it appears, from their research, it also is a suppressant of the rash after a breakout.  And all this time, in the black community, the old folk used to use a cap of bleach in the water for a very different reason … you ever hear of that?

Read the full report here.  Hopefully, it will be helpful to those who have children with the skin ailment.

2 thoughts on “Bleach In The Bath A Day Keeps the Eczema Away”

  1. Someone’s in cahoots with Clorox to sell more bleach, that’s all. But I could be wrong, because if some folks used bleach to lighten & it did’nt work, then in the process their skin became clearer.

  2. Despite the goings on in Northern Ireland, Africa and Westminster, there still seems to be a slow news day in the offices. Not forgetting slow research and slow PR days.

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