MySpace CEO is Fired Amid Facebook Popularity

MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe (CEO) and Tom Anderson (President)
MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe (CEO) and Tom Anderson (President)


We knew we’d be hearing someone over at MySpace playing “Taps” soon.  We just didn’t know that the dirge would be for CEO, Chris DeWolfe.  He’s had his last hurrah at the company’s helm and there are more heads to roll.  Even though Facebook is up to 200 million members, MySpace is picking up members…just not enough.

According to, there are several “execs” at the company that can look to hit the bricks soon.  It seems so strange that someone can come in and fire you when you founded your own company.  But, that must be the name of the game when you put your brand on the market, sell it and stay on as “personnel.”

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