Boy Throws Baby To Floor Killing Baby


The horrific stories on child abuse are not letting up.  This time there are no adults involved.  In fact, everyone would really like to know where the parents were.  

Several children were left alone with a 12-year old when they witnessed the unfathomable.  The boy picked up a 10-month old baby and threw him to the floor and the child died in the hospital a couple days later.

The injuries to the child were immense and the mother of the 12-year old said that surely this must have been a mistake on his behalf.  The events that occurred in this house are so unfortunate for all sides involved there is no easy answer to what should be done to the 12-year old.  What do you think?  I guess if you were the baby’s parent you might feel differently.

This incident happened in Florida, which is the same state where Lionel Tate, then 12,  killed his playmate wrestling with her in 1999.  That awful circumstance lead to the unearthing of Florida’s controversial law which states that children convicted of first-degree murder are to get life in prison without parole.   I don’t know if that has changed since they got Jeb Bush out of there, but what’s going to happen to this young man?  Our prayers go out to both families.

Here’s the news story:

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Boy Throws Baby To Floor Killing Baby”

  1. This is very unfortunate, but the reality of it is that you can not leave children in the care of older children. A twelve year old is still very much a child and should not have to care for several young children.

  2. I agree, the parent should be held accountable. A 12 year old child should not be responsible for an infant…crazy!

  3. i think the 12 year old deserves to go to prison for 40 years or more. and the parents should also be accountable for leaving a 12 year old in the house taking care of the 4 kids.

  4. i think the 12 year old should face death row!! that lil fool should die!!! BUUUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. When I was 12 years old I knew better than to slam an infant onto the ground I knew right from wrong. My son is 8 and knows better than that!! That lil assh0le should definetly serve time in prison, Maybe not life because he is still a boy but def 15 years minimum!!!

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