Who Knew?! Black Female Navy Admiral Thwarts Pirates

Rear Admiral Michelle Howard
Rear Admiral Michelle Howard

While we were so focused on the captain of the U.S. cargo ship that was rescued from the Somali pirates, our attention was diverted from the very person that lead the charge to get him back to his family.

The Navy Times ran a story on Rear Admiral Michelle Howard who took command of the Navy’s counterpiracy task force  only three days before the pirates attacked the U.S. cargo ship Maersk Alabama and snagged the captain as a hostage.

The U.S. Navy hadn’t seen this type of action in a very long time and piracy hasn’t been something the Navy has had to counter attack in over 100 years.  Howard’s expertise and illustrious Navy career showed her to be the perfect person for this mission.  She is the first female graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy to be promoted to Rear Admiral.

In the article, she said, ““Right now, the policy is, fight piracy, and I am all about that policy … We are quite capable of staying out here and doing this mission.”

Check out the story here, but also peruse her many accomplishments as career Navy personnel.  We salute you Rear Admiral Michelle Howard. Also, a big ol’ thank you to Rhonda Mitchell (Pasadena, CA) for hipping us to this story.

11 thoughts on “Who Knew?! Black Female Navy Admiral Thwarts Pirates”

  1. RADM. Michelle Howard is not the first female to be promoted to the rank of Rear ADMiral, nor is she the first African American to do so. RADM. Grace Murray Hopper was the first female and RADM. Lillian Fishburne was the first African American to acheive the rank.

  2. RADM Michelle Howard is the FIRST AA Female Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Flag Officer from the U.S. Naval Academy. Lets say she isn’t the first of anything; she is still a dynamic, awe inspiring leader and example for all Women AND Women of color. We salute you RADM Howard!!!!!!

  3. I find no errors in the above article. After review of other articles of the two other Admirals the statement “She is the first female graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy to be promoted to Rear Admiral” is accurate, less someone can find another Naval Academy, female graduate, that was promoted to Admiral earlier. BZ to them all!

  4. This piece of news was important. It figures the news media would leave this out. If the RA had of be Capt Sulley he would have been all over the news with the person he saved. Just calling it like I see it.

  5. Patricia,
    An Admiral will not be seeking, nor except news media fenzy. It would not be respectful to the Change of Command both senior and junior to her. For the Admiral, people who need to know – know.

  6. Larry Ames, respect your comment that professionalism is premire however, in the military, excellence is ALWAYS noted through recognition. She IS a big deal and what she did WAS a big deal. Her story is a direct attribute to the type of Commander she is and a direct reflection of the excellence that exist throughout the services that keep America safe. While Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines go about their role as if its second nature, hers is a story that shouldn’t be swept under a rug. A big deal is made of Gen Patreaus. Trust me, know him and of him and he doesn’t deserve HALF the recognition he gets. Patreaus’ boss (CENTCOM Commander ADM(Ret) William “Fox” Fallon”) didn’t publicly call him an “A**-kissing chicken-s***” for nothing! That was on CNN

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  9. I served with her while she was Executive Officer (XO) of the USS Tortuga. She was a great leader. It is not a surprise to see how far she has come. Bravo Zulu!

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