Hot Off The Press: New Book ‘Broken Wing’ Reviewed


A good friend of EUR/eurthisNthat, Ron Bookman,  has been brought to our attention that a powerful, action novel is available.  His e-mail regarding the book was so passionate about the author and his work that we thought we’d share it with you and maybe you can weigh in if you know the author as well.  The name of the book is “Broken Wing” and this is what Mr. Bookman had to say:

“I love really well written novels … and if you like intelligent dramatic action thrillers with well placed humor, I recommend that if you get a chance, get “Broken Wing”. The writer is Thomas Lakeman and this is his third book. (You can check out his earlier work and the current one at:

The new book, published on St. Martin’s Press,  is about a disgraced FBI agent (referred to as a ‘broken wing’) who is transferred to New Orleans and has to go undercover with the New Orleans mob to regain the good graces of the FBI; if he’s successful and not killed, his personnel file might be cleared…Lots of twists and turns…

To get inside the New Orleans mob, who suspects he’s undercover, he has to earn their trust as he had actually busted many of the same mobsters years earlier…plus, he had an affair with the Mob boss’ daughter …  so, the Mob suspects he is undercover in spite of FBI planted news reports that he’s a disgraced FBI agent forced to retire. And the mob has to decide if they can exploit his FBI disgrace … and trust this guy to achieve their aims to control New Orleans Federal Funds slated to rebuild the city…

In writing the novel, Tom really uses his New Orleans settings and local icons very well (one of the dramatic moments takes place in the Lower Ninth Ward) … The book is set post Katrina and all I can say is that it’s a riveting very intelligent read … It’s so well written that my guess is that someone will likely option the book for a movie…

It’s kind of a gritty James Bond type novel, but without the gadgets … The key character has to rely on his wits and experience to survive the mob and many of his former colleagues in the FBI that would also do him in…

If you want an entertaining book … check out Broken Wing.”


PS. Tom had a book launch about two weeks ago, and he said that the novel is in most of the top book stores and Amazon, etc.

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