White Cop Kills Black Cop and Covers It Up

Frank Oliveri (l) and Christopher Ridley (r)
Frank Oliveri (l) and Christopher Ridley (r)

Someone out there please notify me if I’m wrong, but I never heard about an off duty, African American, Mount Vernon, NY cop being killed by a white cop and the cop being cleared of all wrongdoing.  Not only him, but the other two officers that were involved as well.  This all happened January 25, 2008, and I don’t recall riots and mass hysteria breaking out over this young man’s life.

The young man, Christopher Ridley, 23, was killed as he attempted to arrest an “assault suspect” in downtown White Plains.  He was off duty and the officer responding to the incident, Frank Oliveri, 22, and got close enough to him to shoot him one time, point blank range next to his left eye, reports the Daily News.

Ridley’s family has decided to file a $90 million lawsuit against the ex-police officer and other heavyweights involved in the cover-up of his shooting death.  According to NY Daily News, “Among other things, the suit states, DiFiore [District Attorney] conspired with the county coroner to hide autopsy results “because it would prove the fatal, albeit unnecessary point blank gun shot to Officer Ridley’s forehead.”  Another question on my mind is why Daily refers to Oliveri as “former NYPD.”   Did he leave the force?  Was he terminated after the shooting or was it a part of the deal after he was cleared?

I’m going to get Al Sharpton on the line and find out why we missed this while you go and read the rest of the details here.

-J.C. Brooks

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