Man Battles Snake in Nairobi



Here is an unbelievable story that sounds like a heroic tale between man and nature.  It was reported yesterday that a man was working on a farm when he stepped on a squishy something on the ground.  The man wasn’t looking for trouble, not a hunter, not looking to sell snakeskin shoes or anything like that. He’s just working.

But, the next thing that happens has the man in a battle for his life.  He steps on something squishy on the ground and the next thing you know he’s coiled from head to foot looking for a way to save his life.  How many of you would’ve thought this was it for you and waited for him to swallow you whole?  I knew it.  Your whole life would’ve flashed before your eyes and you would’ve thought about all those people on Facebook you couldn’t even contact about your untimely demise.

But not him!  He showed that snake he has “BAD MF” stamped on his wallet and sprang into action and BIT HIM!  Read the rest of this epic tale here.

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