Detroit Couple Cremate Their Child



One of the most vile acts of non-human behavior has happened in Detroit with two animals disguised as human parents.  Animals may even be disgusted with me for saying that because they have more respect for life than these low lifes.  It appears that there was constant abuse in the home, but from what’s been reported at USA Today, the child was put in a barbecue grill after his death to, as these two future prison ragdolls put it, “to avoid funeral costs.”

They were doing a makeshift cremation, but the child’s autopsy shows signs of foul play.  There were multiple healed breaks in the child’s bones as well as signs of malnutrition.  I know that the prison inmates are going to have fun with these two, so don’t worry about justice being served through the sentences they received.  The real sentence doesn’t start until “lights out!” 

If you have the stomach for it, read the gruesome details here that also includes a scandal of welfare checks and food stamps.

14 thoughts on “Detroit Couple Cremate Their Child”

  1. The crime was bad enough, but the way it was dramatized here was cut from the
    same wicked cloth. Why compare these evil people to innocent animals? And
    reporting that these people will go to prison is enough; we don’t need to
    have it suggested that real justice happens when the lights are out.
    This is more of the mean spirited, arrogant “reporting” that has become commonplace
    among blogs and sites where there is little professionalism and
    academic skill involved.

  2. Joe, that’s the point of a frickin blog. To get people’s opinions heard. YOU chose to read this, nobody forced you to.

  3. Ummm… Detroit… why is there a picture of a WHITE man in handcuffs here?

  4. how can someone say its a black thing with no proof . colour of ones skin doesnt determine mental state . low lifes come in all colours

  5. I pray that they do get what’s coming to them “after Dark”. I have lost a lot of faith in out judicial system to order the justice they deserve. So, as a mother of a little boy, I hope they get what they truly deserve…and it’s not sitting in prison for 20 years using up my tax dollars I assure you that!!!

  6. Marshall, as proven by Truthteller, ignorance comes in all colors, too. This vile and disgusting Black couple (monsters) deserves ANYTHING that might be done to them in prison. However, whites should be careful throwing stones. The person who allegedly killed the 8-year old Cantu girl in Tracey, California was a white woman. Not only is she suspected of killing this precious child in her grandfather’s church, but she is also suspected of raping the child with a foreign object. Then, we can talk about white Casey Anthony in Florida who allegedly killed her precious almost three year old Caylee, stole money yet again, and went partying as if she didn’t have a care in the world. The sword indeed, does cut both ways!

  7. Is there part of the story that I am missing. How is it that the couple is assmed to be black? ‘Cause the pic I see, shows what looks to be caucasion hands to me.. Can someone explain? …is it because they collected welfare benefits, used a grill for the heinous act or that the childs name is Deauntay? HUH?

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