Al B. Sure’s Son Openly Disses Him In Public Letter

Quincy Brown Combs, son of Al B. Sure
Quincy Brown Combs, son of Al B. Sure

The saddest thing is knowing that men abandon their children…regularly.  But, what’s even sadder is the essay that you are going to read from Al. B. Sure’s son Quincy to us and his father.  The absence has weighed so heavily on him that he has lashed out in a letter so profoundly illustrating his pain that your heart truly goes out to him.

He makes note of the fact that P. Diddy was the only father he ever knew.  It’s evident that he has been a major influence in his life because while the letter is moving, he also uses the opportunity, while he has your rapt attention, to promote his newest single that plays while you read.  Leave it to Puff Daddy to turn misery into profit.

Why not, right?  No use in the boy going without  his father and an opportunity.  I mean, if you never remember his name, you can look at him and know exactly who his father is and not only that, he’s obviously got hip-hop royalty behind him.  The site that the letter is published on, the Global Grind, is a creation of none other than Russell Simmons.  Go for it Q…you deserve it.  Your letter is an inspiration to others in the same situation.  Read it here.

-J.C. Brooks

18 thoughts on “Al B. Sure’s Son Openly Disses Him In Public Letter”

  1. The rap is deeper than the letter.. All he really had to do was release the song. Hopefully this will open dialogue for so many who are in the same situation. My son has never spoken his true feelings to his father. I wonder if this will be an influence? As I drove him to school today, he acted as if he was not listening to the dialogue on the radio regarding the letter Quincy has written to his father (with his iPOD earplugs in his ear and no music playing..)

  2. I don’t like the terminology of dissing in reference to this young man’s letter. I wish that it was referred to as a young man’s pain and lesson to fathers or (sperm dononrs in to many cases). I hope that his motivation is not the public humiliation of the father but the lesson and understanding of his pain and the recognition of those who have embraced him and raised him to be someone he is proud of.

    This is also a lesson to women that they need to think more critically about “father material” for their children. To many women have children with men they have no or poor relationships with and then expect them to be good responsible fathers. That is not to say that this is true in this situation but I see it in too many situations.

    I hope that Al B. Sure will see this as not a diss but a cry for a relationship he never had and it is never to late to try to put aside your pride and take up a positive path with his son. It probably wont be easy and it will take a lot of tears and anger to work through the hurt but I hope they do. They have the resources for a good therapist to make a better situation for both of them and the opportunity to share the lesson if they are successful with others.

    Just dweling on the pain is not healthy or productive. I wish him luck in finding a positive road for him and his father and if the father can’t swallow his pride and try to work out something with his son then it is his loss.

  3. What is this trend of people airing their personal laundry on the internet and in public??? Why couldn’t contact his father in PRIVATE?? I don’t understand the purpose of posting open letters on the internet as a way to ‘make his father’ do what he’s supposed to do. We all don’t know the entire story except what this young man is saying. He chose a poor venue to talk about his father’s absence in his life. He is obviously hurt but he should found a way to deal with this situation privately. And there are folks saying that Diddly squat is behind this mess in effort to humiliate Al B. Apparently, there is more to this mess (Kim Porter, the center of this drama) that we don’t know more about.

  4. I agree RJ, women need to be more selective with the men they chose to become intimate with. Although, you still really never know a person no matter how long you “get to know” one another. I am sure Kim “knew” Albert a while before consummating their relationship.

  5. ABS is a poor excuse for a father and a human being. He is self centered and I hope this is his wake up call.

  6. Bad karma is finally catching up with the ABS the elf hiding in the wolf’s costume. People need ta get the straight scoop before confessing your loyalty to someone they don’t know just because he looks good and innocent. ABS and me go back many years. From 1 hand experience I know how he will use anyone he can even his kids. Thank the mighty Lord that Quincy and Lit’ have Puf to step up to the plate.
    AB– No sea engañado por un Woolf en la ropa de oveja!

  7. way down under- you and I both clearly know ABS. I hope and pray every night he gets HIS!!!!

  8. ABSisasicksob sounds like you got screwed over about as bad as me. Though I don’t be wastin my nights away thinking about the scammer ABS. Hes getting his in good time from his own blood so you and I can kick back and just smile.

  9. This is really sad because it’s a lie, you can go on YouTube and see Quincy on stage with his father and brothers performing (the video I lookfed at was from 2008 but there were more). I think this was a publicity stunt and whoever put Quincy up to this should be ashamed.

  10. it is very unfortunate that people r coming down on AL B like this. Sometimes it just happens like that in life. There is nothing more u can do other than letting people live their lives the way they want. In the end it will be handled.Take it from a single with boys to raise. My ex only calls the boys because his new wife acts more like his mother. Such is life. u live with the hand u r dealt. At some point in life u have to realize who is in ur life and for what and keep it pushing.

  11. I read your article.The things you have written sound very sincere and nice topics i am looking forward to its continuation. Many of us don’t know about this event. Your post is helpful.

  12. I try to take everything I read with a grain of salt but on the ultimate merger website and also on youtube this woman Maryellen Izzy Richards has put her FB and Myspace info to help warn other girls that Al B Sure! tried to scam her for 20K. Luckily, after speaking with others she was spared. I want to thank her for helping to spread the word about this man. There are many to attest to the same story. According to MaryEllen’s posts he used his mother dying of cancer story. He will stoop to any level to get what he wants. Thank you Maryellen for having the courage to come forward. I am sure you will help others women who read this also.

  13. Funny thing about this article is it doesn’t mention Al’s other children. . .one of which lives in Atlanta and is now in college. . .Al has neglected his duties as a father to that son and has even threatened to not see him (his son) if his son’s mother should ever try to collect child support.

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  15. This is Al’s twin all day. I grew up with both him and P Diddy. It’s a shame how you abandon your own child. How do you claim one and not another…Shout out to P’Diddy for being a father. May the constitution rest and A’B Sure feel the pain he has put on this child.

  16. Boy. People just love putting their business on the street for profit. I don’t know anything about any of these people. And this makes not want to know even more. Boring.

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