President and Officer at 10 Downing Street Grip For The Moment


You see the President of the U.S. coming your way.  You’re black, he’s black, and you are standing in official duty directly outside 10 Downing Street in service to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.   What do you do?  You make eye contact, smile and give him a firm grip!  That’s right, protocol be damned!  You throw caution to the wind and lucky for you, someone catches it on film forever.  Now this is truly a Kodak moment.  BUT!!! THE PLOT THICKENS…

While pictures may speak a thousand words of innuendo and mystery, it takes video to tell the story.  Obama walked directly to the brother to acknowledge him with a handshake, but the Prime Minister, that follows the President inside, gave the officer a simple nod, but shunned him on the handshake.  Now in the Prime Minister’s defense, it’s possible he didn’t see the brother extend his hand.  But, he was obviously, nervous after the shake with President Obama and extended his hand to the Prime Minister out of precaution not affection.  See for yourself:

If you’re not familiar with 10 Downing Street take a tour here.


-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “President and Officer at 10 Downing Street Grip For The Moment”

  1. aww damn he left my brotha hangin like dat!! arrogance will get you no where fast.

  2. been there, done that. no biggie. but, mine wasn’t on camera.. he still spoke to the brotha..

  3. It’s nothing like seeing the real…Don’t get this world twisted…These Alpine types ain’t switching gears…

    The financial crisis is still in the its 1stQ…All I can say is…Kingdom rise and kingdom fall…Babylon’s back is against the wall…

  4. It’s a great photo and it says a lot about Obama’s approach to regular working people. Worth pointing out that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister in the clip, is completely blind in his left eye with limited vision in his right. There’s a good chance he didn’t see the extended hand.

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