Vile Domino’s Workers Contaminate Food With Snot and More and Tape It! (Video)


The most disgusting set of sub-human beings we’ve seen in a while are caught on camera putting mucus and nose crumbs and whatever other body eliminations they can share with you on a Domino’s sandwich.

Eating out may be convenient, but damn if you don’t pay for it in more than one way at some establishments.

The video points out that the cretins been fired, but that doesn’t save those who have already ingested those sandwiches and pizzas and they can’t even sue because they unwittingly devoured the evidence.  Here it is for you to see because we simply can’t report any further on this despicable act:

BTW, if this isn’t appaling enough for you, unfortunately we’ve got more to share. Just click here to see these Dominoes “workers” proudly demostrate how they do what they do. Turst us, if like to be revolted, you won’t be disappointed.

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