Burger King Is Selling Everything but Burgers

I don’t know when I’ve seen Burger King go this far with their marketing schemes …well, except for that last time we reported on their grilled meat smelling “cologne.”  But, now, they have Sir Mix-A-Lot laying on the couch with a couple women, square sponges in women’s short shorts bending over to the camera and the King himself pop-lockin’ in Hammer time to the music of “Baby Got Back.”

Sounds amazingly ridiculous for a commercial trying to sell Burger King Spongebob kid’s meals?  Well, see for yourself and tell us if you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate for the children it’s speaking to.  Check it out:

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Burger King Is Selling Everything but Burgers”

  1. We will sure have many children singing the lyrics to this BK Special for sure.. It is quite dis -TASTEFUL.

    “phone book implants”, “shake that cubical butt” This is the first time I have ever heard the entire commercial.. O my “rocking a THxxx”.. too much..now i see why the entire commercial is not on the networks.. even they know how to censor some things..

  2. First the raunchy flame-broiled cologne commercial, now this nonsense. Who signed off on this? Who thought this was good advertising? Sponge Bob Square Pants and Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back are like an oxymoron. The two just don’t go together. And neither have anything to do with a burger. Sir-Mix-A-Lot says booty is booty on the shorter TV commercial being aired. Booty and burgers on network TV? I’m afraid to ask what kinda toy is in that 99 cent kids meal? Burger King has destroyed their mascot and their image. They should fire the marketing staff at BK and start over from scratch.

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