Recession Daily: When Belief Just Keeps Going and Going and Going …


The Tween-let believes in all things magical, Santa, The Tooth Fairy, fairies in general, leprechauns, unicorns and of course the Easter Bunny.

She writes them letters, bakes them cookies and on St. Patrick’s Day commented, “Mom would you believe I haven’t seen a leprechaun all day!” Really. There’s something sweet about her faith in things unseen and I have encouraged it, until now.

When I was working, I had a lot of fun answering Tooth Fairy letters, munching on burnt cookies and dry carrots left for Santa and his reindeer. Easter was a challenge as the Bunny was a wild hare who left tufts of cotton in his wake and a pattern of bunny paw prints (I made with talcum powder) that led to chocolate eggs and ultimately an Easter basket filled with springtime p.j.’s. This was a favorite of the Tween, as she loves nothing more than a scavenger hunt. None of this was expensive but it did require a bit of planning.

I dropped the ball, err egg this time around. Fractured ankles, my current jobless status, and graduate school have taken my mind off of all things magical and into the realm of reality. Every dollar counts.

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